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Why Buy From Us ?


Unauthorised Dealers


We have received many enquiries and would like to notify the public that Get it by Changi Recommends, Autovac, Supabot and Minihelpers are ​not authorized dealers of iRobot products in Singapore. Beware of Parallel importers who are not authorized to sell iRobot in Singapore.


There have been recent cases of other websites also posing as official websites such as ioshor, please only purchase from authorized locations to protect yourself and your details. Buying from these companies will give you no official warranty and no assurance of after sales support. Only purchase iRobot from this website or from the following click here.


This to inform all customers that recently there are some postings portrayed as iRobot websites with sales of iRobot products. We have received feedback from customers who have purchased such products and have not received any deliveries after making payments. Kindly be advised that these are unauthorized resellers and iRobot bear no responsibility of such sales transactions.


Kindly note that the followings are our authorized resellers:

1. Tangs

2. Courts





Do Not Let Your Robot Become An Orphan


iRobot products sold by parallel importers do not come with iRobot factory after sales support and assurance.


Why Buy From Us?


1. John Ackerman Pte Ltd (JAPL) is iRobot Singapore exclusive distributor of iRobot products. Our products are iRobot guaranteed and do no use refurbished or re-assembled modules in the robots.

2. John Ackerman holds an optimum level of inventories and do not hoard large quantity of goods which may results in the depletion of battery life.

3. John Ackerman provides full maintenance as stipulated in our warranty. we will provide aftersales services to our customers even after the warranty period.

4. John Ackerman have imported iRobot products for more than a decade, thus ensuring reliable quality and service.

5. John Ackerman will continue to provide after-sales services whether customers purchased the first-generation or the latest generation robot till iRobot Corporation discontinues their support for a particular model.

6. If you have any questions, queries or problems encountered in your daily usage of the robots, please feel free to call our customer service hotline Tel: 65323733.

7. John Ackerman sells only iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners and will endeavour to provide you with our professional and attentive services.

8. John Ackerman sells through reliable channels namely department stores, and our main showroom and service centre is located in the city area.

9. To protect the interest of our customers, we will NOT provide any after sales support to products that are purchase from parallel importers or any other website.

10. John Ackerman technicians received training and products knowledge directly from iRobot, thus allowing you immediate access to the latest information about iRobot products. Our technicians also participate regularly in seminars abroad organised by iRobot Corporation ensuring that the quality of the company’s technical service is guaranteed.


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